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What is "Claim Denied" about?
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Feisty and outspoken Margot Evelyn Hart and her fiancé, the charming and wealthy activist Andrey Orlov Stephen, left Minnesota to launch a new life abroad. Their plan: he’d work for the State Department and she’d teach English. Together, they’d make a difference in peoples’ lives throughout the world. One country at a time, starting in Prishtina, Kosovo.

Within days of their arrival in Prishtina, her world crashed. Margot learned someone killed Andy,  a single gunshot to the back of his head. She refused to believe it until an ominous stranger banged on her door, and she learned undeniable facts.

Andy was dead and she was prey.  

Margo knew one person in all of Kosovo. Andy’s friend, Grey Valentin. She loathed the rotund and awkward know-it-all. But he was her only hope of untangling this traumatic murder.

Why would anyone want to kill her beloved Andy?

How had she become the hunted?

Can she decode the clues in time?

Will she survive?

Draft Cover

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