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Camera Man and Other Relationship Revelations: A Short Story

Chapter Six: Thank you, Camera Man.

I reminded myself, again, not everyone has everything all the time to make that results in happiness all the time.  Those people who happy every single moment are on huge amounts of medication.  Don’t get me wrong, if I needed medication, I would take it in a nanosecond.  I’m fortunate at this point; I’m fine without drugs…so far.


Yes, I admit, once in a blue moon, I would like to be loved, treated like a queen, have someone really understand me, truly be fascinated by me and my intellect, value me, know the fun-loving, wonderful person I undoubtedly am!  And, he couldn’t help but fall head over heels in love with me, me…me! 


And, should that happen, I say, “Good for you, you lucky man!”  And, of course, I would love, think, feel, and give all of that back.  I would, I promise!  I would.


However, I remain steadfast.  Rather than wont for something that I may or may not ever have, I choose to enjoy most every minute of my life.  Thank God, I like spending time with myself and I’m passionate about those things that create my bliss.


Thank you for the reminder, Camera Man.  


Post Script


If he wrote the article for the very impressive newspaper, he didn’t tell me about it.  As a result, my website didn’t get the attention I wanted.


No matter, however, I learned, once again, what I know to be valid and true, about me and about my universe.


And, I am continually grateful.

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