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Cultivating Compassion through Travel

In this video, I describe my online course, 4-week course, entitled "Cultivating Compassion through Travel."  

It begins July 29, 2019.

What better way to cultivate compassion than by traveling, whether be across town, in a different community or abroad?  It’s getting out of our comfort zone; traveling with intention, openness, and mindfulness; embracing other cultures; and acting compassionately.


We will discuss all aspects of compassion, noting different is not wrong, review selective compassion vs. unconditional compassion, and more!


We will key in on Ted Talks, poetry, photos, and perspectives of philosophical, educational, and spiritual leaders. You can engage in off-line discussions, reflective writing, and guided meditations…and share your stories of travel and compassion.


Come join us in this informative and fun online course and you and I together will become a part of this incredible worldwide movement to become more compassionate.

For more information:  Cultivating Compassion through Travel

Or email me!

This course is sponsored by the Charter for Compassion 

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