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A coming-of-age novel about innocence, isolation, love, heartbreak, and discernment.

Ranked 6th BEST coming-of-age fiction in 2017 by Amazon: “Just A Girl: A coming-of-age novel about innocence, isolation, love, heartbreak, and discernment.”


Even as a young child and before she can formulate her words, Paula knew she was not like her family and wondered if she even belonged to them. Her mother whimpered and cried, but she wasn’t sad, really. Her dad never said much and she liked him best. He could get angry though. He stayed away from him when he was upset. Her sister was always mad, after there were adults. Paula never understood why.

As she gr

ows up, rather than rebelling, Paula separates herself, becoming an observer. Watching her family’s dysfunctional dynamics at a distance, detached. At 17, eager to escape an oppressive environment, Paula leaves her home in Ohio and moves to Washington, D.C., to begin a new life as a clerk typist for the FBI. An annual salary of $4,000 a year was a great way to start. She was confident she’d learned what not to do. Unlike her family, Paula would make unemotional choices and intelligent life decisions.

Or so she thought.  

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5.0 out of 5 stars 

Great romance scenes, extraordinary woman

 April 2, 2020  

I savored this book, but also gobbled it up.
It was a page-turner, but at other times I stopped to take time to reflect.

(I gobbled up the romance scenes)
Paula walked in many women’s shoes, and forged a path for many. A shocking turn of events, followed by a surprise ending.

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