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Taj Mahal Restaurant: A Review

Taj Mahal Restaurant

Taj Mahal, Bosnian Cuisine, Restaurant is adjacent to the Hotel Lero, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Taj Mahal attracted my attention, not only because it is so close to my hotel, but also because of its Bosnian architecture, piped in music, view of the Adriatic Sea and a menu of traditional dishes, as well as “homemade” brandy and liquors good for the “body and soul.” Now, really? Could you pass this up?

At my first stop, I ordered macchiato on the terrace with the Adriatic Sea in the near distance. Macchiato is a yummy espresso with a tiny bit of milk, usually foamed. The Taj Mahal serves macchiato with Rahat Jokum, aka “Turkish Delight,” anda glass of water.

The waiters, dressed in black pants, white shirts and short dark, purple vests, trimmed in gold, spoke just enough English and are warm, friendly and efficient. When I peeked inside, I was immediately drawn to the red sofa in the back of the restaurant, against the window wall separating the restaurant from the swimming pool. The low sofa is adorned with beautifully patterned pillows and graced with white, wood tables and short, backless stools with rich, upholstered seats. The light blue teal walls are a serene backdrop to small red lamps and Sarajevo City Hall ornaments rescued after the Hall burned down on August 25, 1992.

Piped in sevdah music with guitar, accordion and a man’s voice singing in Croatian complements the ethnic ambiance.

A few days later, I just had to stop for lunch. I ordered red wine and buredzike - roasted rolled meat pie with sour cream and garlic topping in a single-size iron skillet. It was wonderful, light and the perfect-sized portion for me. Price for the meat pie was 50.00 kn, or $7.14. Of course, I finished with my favorite macchiato (14.00 kn).

When you are in Dubrovnik, I encourage you to stop by the Taj Mahal. It’s a lovely twenty-minute walk from Old City, along the Adriatic Sea, lined with purple iris and the smell of jasmine.

For more photos, click on the Taj Mahal Restaurant Gallery under "Photography."

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