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Yummy Chocolate Made with Olive Oil...from Marseille, France

Imagine, walking the busy streets of Marseille, steeping in terrific heat, and stepping in to a refreshingly cool oasis, wafting in the tanalizing aroma of sweet cocoa. That's l'Esperantine. Similar to tasting fine wine, I was warmly greeted by a woman who spoke no English. No matter, she served me samples of incredible chocolates.

Created on the occasion of the 2600 years of Marseilles in 1999, Esperantine of Marseille, a local manufacturer, established itself in the very restricted world of high-end chocolates from the outset by obtaining the Cordon Bleu of the best confectionery at the INTERSUC 2000 fair in Paris.

At the time of its creation all the flavors of the Mediterranean were sifted and it was very soon apparent that the almond and the olive oil would be at the heart of the magic formula of what would become the Esperantine of Marseille: A subtle blend of dark chocolate with a minimum of 70 percent cocoa and sweet almond and candied orange peel. At the heart of this unctuous blend, an extra virgin olive oil brings a note of nobility that enchants the palate durably.

The Esperantines, awarded in Paris by a Cordon Bleu of the "Best Confiserie," are delicious olive leaves in dark chocolate and with Mediterranean flavors. Almond, candied orange and olive oil make up the tender and unctuous heart of this unique specialty.

I bought a the box pictured above: 17 euros and worth every morsel.

Click HERE to go to the l'Esperantine website.

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