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Get Your Desired Seats with AirrTrade App.

Travelers always expect comfort and luxury on flights. Like most people I know, do you always prefer that ‘coveted’ seat by the window for a majestic view of the clouds, mountains, and land and streets as your flights nears the airport. Yeah, problem is, everyone thinks like YOU do…me, too. Sometimes those coveted seats are just not available. Fear no more. Now, there’s an app for that: Airrtrade.

AirrTrade lets you trade for your most looked-for seat in flights. It is a virtual marketplace for the sale and purchase of airplane seat assignments. Just board the plane with your original pass and avail the seat once you have boarded.

The AirrTrade vision is to harness the opportunities of sharing economy by facilitating customer-to-customer transactions. The buyer / seller marketplace is self-sustaining in every trade with a platform to facilitate transactions.

The airline industry is constantly finding new ways to charge different types of fees. Hence, there is an emerging need to enable customer-to-customer transactions in this industry and viola, AirrTrade.

AirrTrade founders Deepak Tilani, Ashwin Badrinarayand and Vivian Kim explain, “We are strategy consultants that travel for our jobs. We found that these “hand shake” trades were already happening and we wanted to take a step further and provide a platform to take this to a large and economical scale.”

The airlines are getting better in-flight routes and forecasting. The overall flying community has been increasing steadily for a few decades. This leaves very little room for you to select a premium seat and sometimes no room at all if the flight is sold out. This is where AirrTrade shines.

AirrTrade provides a platform to trade with airplane seat assignments. It could get you to trade for an aisle or window seat on a sold-out flight. Now, you can avoid the situation of being stuck in the dreaded middle seat, trying to decide how to use at least one of your very own armrests. Awkward!

The process allows you to trade for a seat in the first couple of rows so that you don’t have to sprint for your connection flight. You can also trade for a more premium seat (e.g., economy to economy plus).

There is absolutely no competition for AirrTrade in the market. Although, in the future, airlines could potentially institute a version of AirrTrade within their mobile apps to improve experience. But for now, AirrTrade is your answer.

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