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Cap de la Nao, Spain

This is an incredible spot in the Costa Blanca area of Spain, south of Valencia, all the way down to Jávea in the southern end of the Gulf of Valencia. It’s easily recognizable as the easternmost peak in the province of Alicante.

Cap de la Nao is one of the most emblematic capes in the entire Spanish Mediterranean.

I had a pleasant hour drive down from my sweet apartment on the Mediterranean in Oliva Beach, circling numerous round-abouts, on highways passing vineyards and ladies in waiting sitting on the side of the road, to rather narrow neighborhood streets. At the end of my drive, I found two lovely and very affordable fine dining restaurants, actually hanging over the cliffs of Cap de la Nao, 30-50 feet above the calm, blue Sea.

The cape forms a treacherous system of rocky cliffs which tower over small coves, caves, and islands known as the Cova dels Orguens.

It’s a popular area among scuba divers and water-sports aficionados.

Imagine, my friends Marilyn and Steven, newlyweds from California, sold everything about 18 months ago, and bought a house just steps from these cliffs. They live in heaven.

I thought Croatia's Dalmatian Coast was the most beautiful I've ever seen. Wrong! This is it!

Honestly, my heart sang while I was taking these pictures. And, I promise you, the photos to not do justice to the awesome views, try as I might.

My British friends, Ann and John, who live here in Oliva, Spain, agreed drive down with me again next week. We plan to spend hours there, soaking up the sights and sun, and sitting outside, hanging over the Sea to enjoy delicious tapas and yummy vinho tinto. I can't wait! Watch for a blog capturing another wonderful day in southern Spain, on the Sea.

When you come to Spain...and you simply must!...I urge you to consider a drive and an afternoon at Cap de la Nao.

Please send me your questions. I can tell how to get to Cap de la Nao, where to fly into Spain, where to stay.... you know...all the details!

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