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Peat, REpeat, Enchanting Wind, and Combat Boots!

I have packed and unpacked everything I own seven times!

Okay, I admit, two of those times happened before I left Amelia Island, Florida, and moved to m my new home in Madeira Island, Portugal. I had to know… I had to make sure I could get everything I owned into four… yes, count ‘em… 4 suitcases. I was so glad I did that, because I realized I had to purge even more. Get rid of more stuff!

It wasn’t easy, believe me, but I did it.

A confession: I kept all my boots! Even though they may not be useful. I love my boots, and love, we all know, is irrational. I embrace my addiction to cool leather, expensive boots.

Still, five times is too many! I’ve only been on Madeira Island for six weeks. Because of a few calendar hiccups, through no fault of my own... and stuff happens, I know... I’ve hopped from apartment to hotel to apartment. And, gawd, it’s not over yet.

I have one more move to my last apartment at the end of November. Actually, that’s not true because I plan to move to mainland Portugal.

Why? Because I intend to travel again, securing an apartment near Lisbon as my home base.

When? It’s undecided at this point and am working hard to avoid making that decision for a few months. That’s difficult for me… to be content in limbo, that is.

Granted, it’s true, I did travel as a solo nomad through 46 countries in four years. I returned to Florida for what was to be a brief visit. I got caught in the pandemic. My nomad travel was already in my DNA and I dreamed of… I longed for travel the entire time.

So this time, I moved to Portugal on a residency visa. It’s a different mindset. Now, making Portugal my home, I need stability.

(Of course, that's me, celebrating in front the Madeira SEF office where my residency visa was granted!)

I must stay put for a few months.

Cease thinking about packing and moving again.

Get on with my new life!

Truth is, I’m supposed to be writing. I have three projects I started before I left in Florida: a memoir, the sequel to “Claim Denied,” and a new edition of “The Essential Guide to a Life of Travel: the ABC’s of International Travel.” I’ve thought about them, but I haven’t touched them. Although the guilt is overwhelming, I cannot focus.

Not yet. Not now.

At this moment, heavy rain is coming. Alas, no lap swimming in the Dom Pedro Hotel saltwater pool this morning.

All my screenless windows and sliding glass doors are wide open.

The wind is in a frenzy. It’s blowing through the trees and rushing inside, disturbing my makeshift office on the broad dining room table. The sound is both threatening and exciting. As I secure loose papers on my desk, I enjoy the breeze rearranging my hair and wrestling my robe. It’s reckless and I like it.

How can I focus with all the exciting new stimuli?

Final thought: With the rain subsiding and leaving wet pavement, I will have this opportunity to wear my Thursday brand black leather combat boots (made in Portugal) to Pingo Doce grocery store! Oh happy day!


A special thank you to Avia Venefica who reviewed "Claim Denied" on Amazon in the United States on September 5, 2021.

Excellent Summer Read. Intriguing and Insightful

"I was captured on the first page! This book lured me into reading chapter after chapter because the author compelled me to know what was going to happen next! Who knew insurance fraud could play such a dicey game on the theater of life!?! Intrigue, suspense, and twisty plots made this book a good read for me. I can't wait for the next thriller Diann Schindler comes out with. Maybe a sequel to Claim Denied?! Let's hope so!"


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