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Podcasting Interviews: High on my “to do” list

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Why is podcasting high on my "to do" list?

I finished the first draft of my thriller novel on December 30, 2019 and put it aside for at least a month before digging in to the second draft. Whew!

Writing this book was a part of my life for all of 2019, especially the last couple of months when I knuckled down and wrote for hours, day in and day out.

So, when I put draft on my shelf, I went a little crazy the first two weeks. My daily activity, my pattern of writing was interrupted. I had time on my hands, but unmotivated to do anything. I wandered around, in circles, beating myself up because I was totally unproductive. Crazy morphed into more serious madness.


Truth is, I missed writing this story. I longed to spend more time with my characters. After all, we were intimately involved all year! I missed Kayley, Andy and Grey.

Finally, I did what I always do when I have time available, I created more work for myself.

I updated “In the Know!” my podcast show. I upgraded my equipment and recorded new and improved intro and outro. I recorded more music and sounds to include in episodes, to create more drama, emphasis and professionalism.

Very cool!

Meanwhile, I was asked to give presentations on the basics of podcasting. This brought more attention to “In the Know!” Authors wanted to talk about their books and poetry on my show. Some even wanted me to teach them how to create their own podcast show.

Now, I was in it! Steeped in recording more and more episodes.

A residual effect: my rankings improved! I'm proud to note, at the time of this writing, I'm ranked:

#65 USA: Fiction Category

#371 USA: Education Category

#68 Global: Fiction Category

#475 Global: Education Category

#1803 India: All Podcasts

#2635 USA: All Podcasts

#3360 Global: All Podcasts

NOTE: As a point of reference, there are 850,000 podcasts worldwide. Latest data for the United States: 550,000 podcast shows.

India? Really? Who knew!

Podcasting, you say? To learn more about podcasting, what it is, who listens, and how it works, Listen HERE

And, LISTEN to my latest interviews:

Valerie Francis, Author and Story Grid Editor

Dr. Phyliss Kuehnl-Walters, Author and former Forensic Psychologist

Marilyn Atlas, Agent, Producer, and Author

Marla McDaniel, Author and Leader, Amelia Island Florida Writers Group

Paula Tucker, Author and Kent State Shooting Survivor

Peggy Best, Award winning Author

Robert K. Goddard, Author and Poet

Dr. J, Ph.D., former Sex Therapist, Erotica Writer

All this work is paying off. And, an added benefit: I’m learning and having fun talking with interesting and talented people.

Would you like to be interviewed on “In the Know!”? It’s not just for authors and writers. It’s about your reaching another audience for your blog, your retail shop, your art, etc. Click HERE for the Interview Request Form.

During this time, I have also been writing a book on podcast basics, focusing on how to create your own podcast show. Please email me at to follow my progress and publication date.

And, the added good news? I’m steeped into writing the second draft of my novel/thriller. Set in Kosovo and Macedonia, it’s full of suspense and international espionage. Here is a partial/no spoiler log line:

…when her lover is murdered, execution-style, a young American in Kosovo, hunted and alone, must stop the villain’s plan to….

Cue mystery music!!

Stay tuned and and keep listening!

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