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HP Mini Speaker
LOVE this high-quality audio for music & video, bluetooth, super-portable size.
Sale: $28.44
Woolite Packs
Wollite Delicate Wash

10 pk of .25 Oz liquid Woolite packets

Perfect for travel, packs easily
Travel Adapter
Uppel Dual USB All-in-one Worldwide Travel Chargers. Adapters for worldwide charging in over 150 countries,Wall Universal Power Plug Adapter Charger with Dual USB and Safety Fuse(Green)
Sale: $17.99
Baby Taylor Guitar
Taylor BT2 Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top. Dreadnought 3/4th-Scale.

This Baby Taylor fits in easily in the overhead compartment of all airlines!  
Olympus Mirrorless Camera
SLR E-PL6 with ED 14-42mm
f/3.5-5.6 EZ and ED 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 Lens Kit
I LOVE my camera...with me all the time! All photography on DiannAbroad was taken with this camera!
NEW from $528!
Bose IE2 Audio Headphones
Deep, clear sound enhanced by exclusive TriPort technology for crisp highs and natural-sounding lows
Proprietary Stay Hear tips, in three sizes, conform to your ear's shape to stay comfortably in place all day.
Only $99!
Lumina Battery Pack
Lumina 15000 mAh
Ultra Compact Portable Charger. 2-Port External Battery Power Bank with High-Speed Charging Technology.
Imagine your phone never running out of juice!
A MERE $26.99!
Podcast Equipment
All the equipment you need to record your very own podcasts. I connect this to my HP Spectre Laptop and use Audacity Software.

So cool and fun! Lightweight, too!
HP Spectre X360
Wow! Love my HP! It's a laptop and a note book...touchscreen and mouse.
Amazing technology.
It's come down in price since I bought it almost 2 years ago.
Female Nomad and Friends
In 1987, Rita, newly divorced, set out to live her dream. She sold all her possessions and became a nomad. She wrote a book about her fantastic ongoing journey.
(I loved this book!)
Day Backpack
Ultra-light. Ultra-durable. Ultra-awesome. The backpack is perfect for day-to-day use or day trips, vacation, travel, day hikes, school, camping and shopping.
Was $30.78.
Now only $15.99!
Passport Holder
I love this holds my passport, phone, boarding pass, pen, a credit card. I put it over my shoulder, under my coat...everything is at my fingertips. No more digging!
Was $34.99.
On sale for $9.95
Exercise Bands
Great for travel! Easy to keep your body strong. Use to strengthen, tone, shape, and rehab muscles.
Exercises included.
Was $15.00
On sale for $9.16!
Cetaphil Body Cream
I CANNOT live without this hypoallergenic cream. I used it as a face and body cream. It's very expensive in Europe, up to $47!
Not so in the USA.
Only $11.89...cheaper if you buy through Amazon PrimePantry.
Exfoliating Gloves
A MUST to combat dry, flaking skin as a result of recycled air in planes, hiking/walking, and dry hotel soap. I use daily and follow with Cetaphil Body Cream, esp on my feet/heels...even, lightly, on my face. Great investment at $4.99.
Unisex Crocs Slippers
So nice to slip on
after walking all day,
after a shower,
or just as you get out of slip into first things the morning!
Check out more colors!
Love 'em!
7-Piece Travel Set
7 Piece
Lingere Travel Set
Mesh Bags w/Drawstrings. No Zippers to avoid tearing.
bras, underwear, silk
blouses, designer ties.
Sale: $7.97
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I have personally used these products and read the books recommended on this Travel Gear page.

I have personally used these products and read these books.  

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