• Diann Schindler, Ph.D.

Casa Rita in Prishtina: A Review

The Casa Rita Restaurant* in Prishtina, Kosovo, is just a brief walk from the American University of Kosovo. I have passed it many times, walking to and from the grocery store and the Tennis Club Rilindja. I heard it was very good. I decided to try it.

Smoking is permitted on the first floor, so I was led upstairs to clean air and nicely placed, cozy tables topped with white table clothes, sparkling wine glasses, dark red cloth napkins, and rich flatware. I felt the elegance flood over me. Loved that!

The maitre de helped me with my coat and sweater, hung them on the wrap tree, pulled out my chair, and after I sat, placed a beverage menu on the table and handed me a dinner menu. I smiled and quickly ordered vere e kuqe (red wine) and he nodded that he understood despite, I’m sure, my butchering the Albanian language. He was kind and impeccably dressed in his black trousers, crisp white shirt and pleasant smile.

I was immediately drawn to a salmon entree, which included soy sauce with lemon, on the side, and roasted potatoes and carrots. After I placed my order, I imagined the view through the expansive, picture window. I remembered seeing six or eight tan umbrellas on the terrace, overlooking the street and onto the greenery of Gambia Park where locals stroll with their children, their dogs and/or their friends and lovers daily, with mountains in the background. Alas, it was 9 pm and too dark to see. Not to worry, I focused on my delicious red wine.

Within a few minutes, my meal was gently placed on the table. The waiter stood tall and looked so proud with his wide grin. He asked me if I needed anything. I said, “yo, faleminderit”...Albanian for “no, thank you.” He responded, “Ju befte mire”...”bon appetit.”

The salmon looked beautiful. My fork easily separated a tender morsel. It melted in my mouth. It was divine...really, divine. This Casa Rita-prepared salmon made me audibly swoon. And, everyone who knows divine salmon understands that divine salmon demands sounds of pleasure without embarrassment or shame. I was there.

The vegetables were perfectly prepared, as well. And, the bill was even more impressive. My entree was 10 euros. Wine, 3 euros.

When I return, and I will, again and again, it will be difficult not to order the salmon again. I must resist and when I do, stay tuned for my next review.

*Casa Rita Restaurant, Dr. Spetim Robaj, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo call +377 45 558 558

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