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Tips for packing unmentionables.


Who pays any attention to packing undergarments, really?

I always just shoved my lovelies in a used Publix brown plastic grocery bag. I had to empty the entire bag to find what I wanted! Of course, everything was balled up...bras hooks caught on panty crotches....

Now, a seasoned traveler, I have come to understand how useful it is to plan ahead; not only for efficiency, but also to care properly for the garments that I hold dear.


  • For quick and easy access;

  • So that I don't forget that special bra with that special dress or top; .

  • To keep that sexy bra in tip top shape; and

  • more.

Let me begin by saying, please, do not jam these delicates in a plastic bag or flying loose in the corner of your suitcase. Rather, handle this with slightly more class. I mean, you never know who you might meet, if you know what I mean. Plus, you can avoid embarrassment should those pesky TSA officers decide to check your suitcase, open it, and expose your poor packing habits and lingere for all the world to see.

I suggest:

1. At the start, when you choose your outfits, choose your undergarments at the same time. Sexy dress with the proper bra, whether it be strapless, backless, and/or lacy. Red dress, red bra. White dress, nude-colored undies. (Although, today, many women have black or red bras under white clothes. If that's your bent, plan for it.)

T-shirt with a t-shirt bra...or breast pedals...whichever you prefer. Tight pants might need that special thong. Which panties are the most comfortable with your hiking shorts?

2. Fold bras in half. Socks go in the cups (not in your shoes) to ensure cups are not crushed and maintain their shape.

3. Delicate lingere requires tissue paper. And, be sure to take along small packets of liquid detergent for delicates for an easy wash in the sink before retiring.

4. Keep unmentionables in soft mesh bags for protection. Get the ones that allow you to see immediately the exact thong you want. Also, make sure they are drawstring bags. No zippers that can snag fragile fabrics. You can get these bags at your favorite department store or click HERE for the perfect, inexpensive bags.

Finally, if you are like me, I love the feeling of wearing lovely intimacies that enhance my outfits. And, it's good to take the time before you leave the house, knowing that you can focus on the fun of exploration a new or favorite destination.

Do you have special tips, as well? Please, let me know in the comments section below.

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